Saturday, September 17, 2011

What is the Nature of Work? Making a Living?

I woke today and saw a posting by a dear brother/friend who shared this message with our community - "Deeply meditating on the nature of work and making a living. The tantra of survival. No answers yet but the questions are becoming clearer."

This friend is a deep thinker. And I know he's needing to create a better manifestation flow in 3D life.

I am being guided to create and offer a Self Mastery training course from Krmel Mystery School focussed on helping my brothers and sisters to master the process of manifestation in the 3D world. And this friend has been involved in these contemplations with me this last year...

So, this is what I downloaded in response to his question this morning...

"Work in not 'work', but 'Life' when your expression in the world is 100% aligned with your Soul's highest divine potential in this life. Your activity in life is 'work to make a living', when it is coming from your mental/ego/personality level alone. So, attune to your Soul/Higher Self/I AM Monad presence, and then act from there. When your life and actions are in alignment, you will be sustained naturally without effort. Examine your beliefs around 'work'. If you believe you must slog away at un-desirable activity to be fed in life, then YOU WILL. Or simply accept that YOU ARE. YOU CAN BE. As a vessel for your Soul's mission, then everything from the Great Creator/ix/Source to Elohim Creators to God/dess to Angels to our Sun to Nature to Life - will support you in Divine Ease and Divine Flow..."

Archangel Gabrielle has repeatedly taught, and warned humanity in this last two years that by 2011, if our work in the world in not in alignment with our Soul's path/mission/goals for this life, then starting with 2011, we will increasingly hit major brick walls in our lives. i.e. Gabrielle has strongly encouraged us all this last two years to make sure we attune to our Soul; and get 100% in alignment. Once we act and live from that alignment, then we will experience divine ease and divine flow. So, if you are experiencing blocks in your 3D life, DO align your personality/mental/ego bodies with your Light/Etheric/Soul/I AM Monad levels of your being... and you WILL be in the flow of the abundant river of divine blessings and manifestation. Even in 3D.

So how do we make a living?
From sharing our unique gifts with the world. Gifts that we were uniquely blessed with in this life. Sharing our gifts that can help others the most - right now. What are your unique gifts?


Friday, September 16, 2011

What Does the Krmel Mystery School Logo Symbolize?

The Krmel Logo is very multi-dimensional.

The "M" symbolizes the Mystery School, the gateway to the temple of our soul (higher self). It is the doorway to the Mysteries of Soul and Spirit and the Divine.

The bottom flame above the M is the unawakened Kundalini potential of all human beings.

After One enters the doorways of Krmel, and Self/Soul in your inner planes, One finds the secrets to awakening which is shown by the rising left and right channels and awakening of the Crown Chakra at the top with the top flame; thus opening One’s Self to the higher realms and dimensions of the spiritual world; with connectivity to One's Higher Self/Soul and Christ Self (Monad/Divine Self/I AM presence); which is one with ALL.

Thus, Krmel Supports us to realize fully that we are ALL Divine and we are ALL One.


What is Health?

Health. The Whole Shebang.

Within the infinite intelligence and creativity of the universe, I take a full breath and I offer my song of life…

I enjoy health and appreciate the blessings of good health, body, mind and spirit. What is health, I wonder? Come, explore with me…. 

Health is a sense of well being characterized by equilibrium, harmony, and homeostasis - a dynamic, flowing, changing state of being. We are as individual as snowflakes, unique expressions of embodied spirit, of divine, intelligent light, calibrated and condensed into matter.

I enjoy thinking of health as a symphony, where the sound from each instrument has a beauty and perfection all it's own, and yet the  symphony played by the whole orchestra transcends the individual pieces. Or as a delicious dish, where the distinct flavors meld in a magical way to become an entirely new taste sensation. A complexity gets distilled into a felt sense of vital aliveness filled with strength, sensitivity, enthusiasm, creativity, resilience, joy and peace. 

There is a wholistic sense, a knowingness, when I am healthy and when I'm not. I notice I am expanding and evolving my experience of health. It becomes richer, deeper, more multidimensional as I learn to choose what does support my vitality and let go of what does not. And this changes as I age and as the world paradigm changes.

I live in an amazing time where the wisdom of the all the ages, including this one, is easily available to me. It becomes more and more important to develop discernment skills. How do I know what are the right tools, allies, information, and choices to support my ongoing health? More and more, moment by moment, I become aware that I AM consciousness this body/being. I practice using and strengthening my intuition as the best way to allow my individual consciousness to tune itself more truly to Source consciousness. As I trust this process I find that I can access all the information I need to have my life flow well, body mind and spirit. It is so empowering to move through any confusions and struggles to a place of intuitive knowing. I've learned to hold the many paradoxes of life gently in my heart, relax the tension, and find my peace with them. 

Yes, this is so, is true….and yes, so is this, it's virtual opposite. Breathe into it, feel the full.ness; release.

I enjoy exploring these aspects of my being: 

Feminine ~ Masculine balance 
Individual ~ Collective interface
Conscious ~ Unconscious awareness
Imagination creativity ~ Inspired action
Grounding ~ Soaring
Nourishing ~ Detoxifying
Darkness ~ Light
Known ~ Mystery 
Frequency channels ~ Human, Soul, Source

When I explore the fullness of each of these dimensions, and notice the juicy edges where they interact, I find ways to harmonize their energies and create good balance in my life.

I care about my health, and I allow my vision to expand and to oscillate between myself and the health of my communities, and even to include this whole world.

How can I help? How can we thrive together?

Many bright Blessings on your unfolding path towards health.

Krmel Mystery School

Yeshua's Teaching on Worshipping External Idols...

According to one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Yeshua... Worshipping external deities, gurus, temples, churches and other externalizations misses the whole point of Spiritual Soul-ular evolution.

Seeing the Divine within, and acting from that alignment, and total knowing of the Oneness of ALL is what great spiritual teacher Yeshua ben Joseph taught in his life time.

That's why Yeshua would get down right mad when he saw anyone worshipping external images and idols, priests or gurus; and why he was totally against his disciples creating any churches or temples in his name or the name of his teachings. And that's why he was so strongly consistently against anyone worshipping or idolizing him.

He steadfastly taught that the only Temple worth worshipping was recognizing the "Father" or the Divine or Source/Creator within. Recognizing that we are each God/dess. We are each fully Divine. And living from that place of trust; and alignment with our Soul/Divine within.

I encourage each of us to see where we are giving our power away to external idols. And take back that power. And see within. See the spark of the Great Creator/Divine within. All of the Universe is right here within ourselves.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Love is the key to everything!

Love is the key to everything!

Many people of dark intent and actions are being exposed every day in our world. Love is the key to everything - Please keep this foremost in mind when the ones still hidden behind their dark deeds are identified.

Do not dim your light by focusing on punishment for them, but rather think of them as what they are, weakest links in the chain of Oneness; and send them the healing energy of love and light they need to uplift themselves and strengthen the chain for all souls.
Send Love and Light to all you love.

And to All those who are struggling to go into the Light!!!

by Sandeep

What does the phrase "born again" mean?

According to Master Yeshua-ben-Joseph, "born again" means to reach a stage of evolution in our soul-ular growth, where we become self aware enough to not act from our ego/personality level alone.

What does this mean?

According to Yeshua, as we evolve in our spiritual growth, we learn to listen and get to know our Soul's contracts, missions, commitments, goals... We get access to, and learn skills and practices to access and communicate with the higher self aspects of our being more readily - and are able to bring our incarnate human personality and 3D mind/decisions/choices more in alignment with our Soul's path. And more aligned we are with our Soul, the more we act not from our personality level ego, and more from a higher divinely aligned place. We learn to live in the 3D world downloading, embodying and as a vessel for our higher self or Soul.

Living and acting from the place of deep and full Soul alignment is what he referred to as being "born again" in his teachings during his incarnation as Yeshua-ben-Joseph almost 2 millennia ago (commonly called Jesus by the modern world today, even though he was not called Jesus in that life; and was given the name Yeshua ben Joseph in that life).

by Sandeep