Thursday, December 15, 2011

Be Yourself. Love Yourself.

The ultimate, and only true beloved is yourself.
Be your own lover.
Be your own be.loved.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spiritual Wisdom on False Ego

Spiritual wisdom in the ancient Indian spiritual writings, the Bhagvad Gita are profound. The teachings often provide deep insight into the process of becoming self aware in our individual journeys towards self realization. A deep realization that we are all cells in the body of the Creator, and we are each fully divine.

In my daily studies of various spiritual wisdom lineages of the east and the west, today this particular teaching caught my eye as worth sharing.

Anyone who has accepted this temporary body as "myself" is foolish. So every one of us is born foolish because we identify with this temporary body as "myself" quite frequently. Therefore we are all foolish. Everyone knows that the body is imparmanent, and still, everyone identifies himself with this body. Bhagvad Gita teaches repeatedly that to achieve self awareness, we must tune into the truth of creation being much larger and deeper than the physical world. Creation is much more than the 3D realm we see/smell/hear with our physical senses. We must awaken the inner sight of the 3rd eye; and the inner hearing to hear the communications constant received by our body; and the inner knowingness we have because we are divine, to see and get to know the many realms that make up creation, and our selves. For each of us is much more than the physical body. We all have the auric, emotional, energy, light, etheric and soul bodies...

May it awaken an inquiry in you as well.


"When one is purified by intelligence, he keeps himself in the mode of goodness. Thus one becomes the controller of the mind and is always in trance. One is not attached to the objects of sense gratification, and one is free from attachment and hatred in his activities.

Such a detached person naturally prefers to live in a secluded place, he does not eat more than what he requires, and he controls the activities of his body and mind.

One has no false ego when one does not accept [merely] the body as himself. Nor has he a desire to make the body fat and strong by accepting so many material things.

Because he has no bodily concept of life, he is not falsely proud. He is satisfied with everything that is offered to him by the grace of the Creator; and he is never angry in the absence of sense gratification. Nor does he endeavor to acquire sense objects.

Thus when he is completely free from false ego, he becomes nonattached to all material things, and that is the stage of self-realization. That stage is called the brahma-bhūta stage. When one is free from the material conception of life, he becomes peaceful and cannot be agitated." - the Bhagvad Gita