Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We Eat Genetic Information From Our Food - So Lets Eat Wisely!!!

We are what we eat!!!

Conventional mainstream wisdom in the west about food (plant and animal products), has typically focused on the physical aspects of food intake; calories, fiber, vitamins, minerals etc. But we ignore the energetic, genetic and deeper affects that food has on our bodies and beings.

Recent leading edge scientific breakthroughs are starting to prove the childishness of this limited thinking about our food and food supply. Ancient wiser systems of health and food, such as proven systems over thousands of years like Ayurveda from the Indian Vedas, have taken into account the deeper aspects and effects of food intake than we in the west do thus far; such as how the quality of food affects our genetics, energy and light bodies.

And yes we are more than the physical body. We are made up of many bodies beyond the physical. But that is a topic for another day and beyond the scope of this sharing.

Many healthfood and organic food proponents have intuitively known that the quality of food affects human health, the physical body, energy body and the light body. And common sense and practical exprience tells them how much better they feel eating foods grown in healthy organic soil and fertility without toxic methods. Even if they can't prove it.

The mainstream corporate and government propaganda mouthpieces have been able to successfully pooh pooh the benefits of higher quality organic food products by flawed "testing and evaluation" studies based on their limited poor criteria. Thus  they can continue to claim that the conventional food supply, grown in depleted, toxic, chemically fertilized environments, or genetically modified crops are "safe" and "as good" as consciously grown foods in healthy ways. And they continue to claim that their "testing" shows that "organic foods are NO better, other than being more costly than conventional crops".

Health food proponents need to learn about miRNAs research. I feel that the latest genetic science about miRNAs, or MicroRNAs powerfully supports what the health food proponents know from common sense and empirical experience.

So, what is miRNAs?

MicroRNAs, or miRNAs, are little strands of RNA that selectively bind to matching sequences of messenger RNA, resulting in repression of those genes in plants and animals. Their role has only been understood in the last decade or so, but miRNAs are currently believed to take part in a vast number of processes in both plants and animals; genetically and cellularly. Their main function is to down-regulate gene expression in a variety of manners, including translational repression.

Research at Nanjing University in China has found that strands of RNA from vegetables make it into our bloodstream after we eat them, and can regulate the expression of our genes once they're inside us. Yes, you got it. Plant miRNA sequences enter the tissue of animals/humans that eat those plants. Incredible!

And guess what? How are crops engineered by Monsanto scientists? You guessed it.
One way crops are genetically engineered are by using MicroRNAs as a way to interfere with the RNA of the plants. Bingo. Do you connect the dots now?

And the Monsanto scientists and the compromised scientists working for FDA, who are clearly owned by the corporate ag giants, continue to claim that the genetically modified crops are totally safe for human/animal consumption. They are clearly burying their heads in the sand at best; or are lying through their teeth for corporate profit at worst.

So, if miRNAs show up in our body from the food we eat, we are in-taking more than the physical aspects of the food products. Given that genetic scientists are barely scratching the surface in terms of our understanding of how miRNAs really work/affect in all the various ways. Even though miRNA was identified over twelve years ago, it is only recently that scientists have begun to understand the scope and diversity of these molecules that regulate. Growing evidence shows that miRNAs show a variety of crucial regulatory functions related to cell growth, development, and differentiation, and are associated with a wide variety of human diseases. Already it has become clear that malfunction of miRNA regulation is associated with a growing list of human diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and viral infections. Importantly, the mechanism by which miRNA molecules inhibit other genes is not known.

But the GMO crops are deemed "totally safe" by the GMO/Monsanto crowd for human consumption. Even though scientists have shown that plant miRNA shows up in the tissue after eating the food sources. Go figure!

Now, combine this insight with what we know about water from recent scientific research; like the water research shown by Dr. Masaru Emoto. And keep in mind that all plants, animals and humans have significant water content in our bodies and cells (71% for humans). Clearly, Dr. Emoto has shown that water's energy and crystalline structure is very easily affected by thoughts/environment that it comes into contact with. Thoughts of higher vibrations like (love, peace, harmony, classical music like Mozart) literally improve the water crystals into beautiful symmetrical shapes. Water exposed to pollution/lower vibrations, toxicity, discordant music like rock and roll, has the opposite affect.

So, it is my opinion therefore that all our food supply is being clearly affected by the quality of its environment and water, thoughts and energy, chemicals or organic loving production. A head of lettuce is not just a head of lettuce. While studies based on limited view points and criteria can show that all lettuce is "equal" and "equally nutritious" as the corporate industrial agriculture mouth pieces claim; I beg to differ. Newton's Laws of Physics tell us otherwise. All actions/causes create corresponding proportional effects.

And I'm convinced, and I claim that the energy and cellular/crystalline quality of that lettuce or beef is quite different depending on the inputs; and entirely and directly proportional to the quality of soil, water, thoughts, vibrations, genetics, farmer's habits, quality of seed etc. And what you eat is not only affecting your physical body with calories, vitamins and minerals; but it is directly affecting your energy body, light body and your genetics. The vibrational quality of the food you eat is directly affecting the vibration quality of your being.

So, choose wisely.

I contend that even if healthy organic food is more expensive in the short run, it is much cheaper in the long run than the exorbitant medical costs and loss of life/energy/time that I will spend later as a consequence of dealing with the diseases and cancers; not withstanding the lack of health the toxic food supply creates in my body.

We are what we eat!!!

Blessings & Bliss-ings,