Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Homeopathy - the Medicine of the Future


I encourage you to read about Homeopathy. It is a medicine of the future. Not to replace allopathic or ayurvedic or chinese medicine; but as a powerful effective complement.

While the vast number of proven remedies available are a life long study; one can learn about just a dozen super remedies, and have them on hand, and you can be well on your way to taking practical effective advantage of this gentle healing modality that honors the body and its natural healing capacities.

Allopathic medicine is a violent approach. Although necessary and highly effective for certain situations, like a broken bone or traumatic accident injuries; day to day life needs are better served with a non-violent medicine modality like Homeopathy.

What do I mean by that?

Allopathic medicine uses the opposite approach. Its a forceful approach. Most medicines apply the opposite of what the body is doing. If you get a sun burn, the medicine is tries to put cold things into the situation. Like Aloe. It tries to force the opposite onto the situation in the body.

Homeopathy uses the like cures like approach. Homeopathy respects the wisdom of the natural healing systems of the body. It does not fight them. Or oppose them. It would use vinegar or exposure to light manageable heat to cure the burn. Ask an old cook. He/she will tell you that it works.

Homeopathy is old. And it is very proven.

Here's a list of some good remedies you can research and read up on... You ask where? Haven't you heard of Mr. Google?

  1. Rescue Remedy
  2. Arnica
  3. Apis
  4. Gelsemium
  5. Belladonna
  6. Chamomilla
  7. Coffea
  8. Aconite
  9. Ignatia
  10. Natrum Mur
  11. Cinchona
  12. Caulophyllum
  13. Cimicifuga
  14. Pulsatilla
  15. Sepia

Pregnant women and women is birth can specially and greatly benefit from using Homeopathic remedies. Why? Because many allopathic medicines are not safe for a pregnant woman. But Homeopathic remedies are almost always safe; of course check each remedy for its compatibility for a pregnant woman.

I encourage every mother and parent to learn a little bit about Homeopathy. You will find it very useful.

Blessings & Bliss-ings,

Sandeep Ra Go-El