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An Overview of Spiritual Energies for 2012

Dear Friends and Family,

Happy New Year!
2012 is here... Yipeeeee :-)

Sending you best wishes for 2012 and may you surf this year with insights, deep growth, walking your highest path in Divine Ease, Grace, Peace, Happiness, Love and Joy.

2012 is a momentous year in the ongoing evolution of Earth; and all life on Earth. Cosmically, is there something significant we should know about 2012?

Yes. In 2012, a rare astronomical/cosmic event occurs. In astronomic terms, the Sun conjuncts the intersection of the Milky Way, our galaxy, and the plane of the ecliptic. The Sun has not conjoined the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic since some 26,000 years ago. What does this mean?

Why would the intersection of the Sun and our solar system with the Milky Way’s equatorial plane constitute a noteworthy event?

The auspicious year of 2012 will gradually bring our Sun into alignment with the very center of our Galaxy. This is why 2012 is not just another year... but this new year begins the New Galactic Year of the 26,000 solar years. The Galactic Clock will be at zero point and a new precessional cycle will begin starting 2013 again.

I will write in more detail about this incredible phenomenon integrating my studies of the wisdom teachings from the ascended masters with the Mayan Calendar, cosmology, astronomy and astrology in the coming months to help non-scientists understand the enormous significance of this time on Earth. And for all life on Earth.

For now, as usual, Archangel Gabriel has provided this insight below for 2012, via our friends at Children of Light, in terms of the nature of spiritual energies on the planet and how we will all be affected in 2012... I share this in the hope that it may assist you, and guide you in your journey into this new year in some small way.

Blessings & Bliss-ings,


Message by Archangel Gabriel for 2012

And now, Gabriel Speaks...

Dearly Beloved Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel and as always, we are most joyous to be in your Divine presence. We are here to talk about 2012... a year of:
  1. Preparation for Service,
  2. Disillusionment from Enlightenment, and
  3. Beginnings and Endings.
The three elements that we have just listed include preparation for service, which is the focus of the soul consciousness you are all moving towards at various levels of preparation... the process of disillusionment of the old paradigm from the enlightening impact of the emerging soul consciousness... and a time of momentous beginnings and endings.

This is the year for the emotional and mental bodies to embody a sense of divine purpose, from the impact of the Diving Plan being integrated into a place of reality and realization. This year is truly the beginning of all that. It will be the beginning of what no one has known before.

As usual, we are going to divide the year into 3 four-month segments.
  1. Purification through Self-Love (January to April)
  2. Planetary Love or Love of One Another (May to August)
  3. Divine Love through moving into World Service (September to December)
January to April 2012:

The first segment of four months will be a process of purification. This ultimately involves learning to love the Self in a deeper way, from the inside out.

This involves developing a very personal relationship with your preparation for service. This will clear the physical, emotional and mental bodies, as you connect more fully to the first gateway of the heart (located at the lower end of the breast bone or sternum).

This will put you into a focus of the first gateway of the heart - freedom of choice and discernment for the bringing about of the development of individual conscience... out of judgment and into discernment; the ability to see all the possibilities that are available to you from an inner sense of connection to true Source, your Divine connection.

It will be a time of learning how to come together to create a relationship with self-love.

This will prepare you for the second four months, which have to do with Planetary Love, or the Love of one another. This is a cosmic love cycle for the planet. It is about moving into the 2nd gateway of the heart, which involves creating the experience of real connection in relationships that transforms old attachments.

This has to do with the world at large, with people continuing to find their place in service. The third four months involves the relationship with service to one another, the Divine Love, with the connection of the Divine Will directed outward in world service.

The first four months deal with the self. 
The second has to do with relationships to others. 
The last has to do with going out into the world to be of service with the Divine Will. 

This will bring about a greater end of duality (which most people do not understand very well at this stage of development), the end of the need for duality (opposition of two sides of the same issues out of fear, defense, judgment and shame).

This will be a time of purification, as you learn more fully how to love one another, starting with the Self. This will end the illusions of the desire body, which keep you in attachments and yearning... and depends upon what happens on the outside to determine who you experience yourself to be and what choices you make.

This new intention of Self-love begins making contact at this time, perhaps for the first time as a whole planet, where the Diving Plan is being put into some kind of actual effect. This will create a re-structuring, which will indeed be "the end of the world as you have known it."

You have known lives where you create through your myths of fear, of right/wrong and reward/punishment... which merely keeps you in a survival consciousness. Now it will be the development of the ability to exercise true freedom of choice without judgment, but with evaluation and discernment about what serves you and the good of the whole.

It will no longer be about right and wrong through judgment. From that growth into deeper truths, you will be able to develop a relationship of the quality with the self, where you are dependent upon a true connection to the inner Self.

This will be a time of inspiration, learning HOW to, using the imagination and finding guidance from your dream state that involves the fulfillment of Self-love. in order to know love of Self, one must be able to develop a conscience.

It is the difference between looking outside through the rules of right and wrong... and looking inside to your own principles and values to discern your choices, negotiating within your own needs and boundaries with the equal rights of others.

If you move in this direction, it will take you out of the need for judgment and into the awareness and ability to operate through trial and error, to learn from your mistakes and refine your freedom of choice... to really expand your ability to take responsibility. That way you own the gift of free choice that is intended for every individual.

But this cannot take place when you are trapped in judgment or fear of right and wrong, projected from the "herd consciousness."

This first quadrant will be the inspiration of that self-love, that comes through the development and contact with your intuitive nature. This will happen more and more as the soul begins to make contact with the personality. It will be an inner learning process, rather than an outer focused process.

Most of your conditioned thoughts are based upon what is happening outside of you, rather than what choices you need to make, that are based on your own inner truth. You will learn to evaluate in this time through a growing knowledge of your needs.

You will learn to move out of survival consciousness into creator consciousness through the opening of this 1st gateway of the heart more fully...

What you will be experiencing on a physical level is a lot of energetic change and movement in the lower part of the body. It will continue to bring up any remaining survival issues in the lower chakras (safety, security and survival issues, wounded emotions and limiting beliefs that have not been nurtured and resolved).

There will be activity in the lower heart, by the sternum, as the energy moves down for purification of the 1st chakra at the base of the spine. Survival issues will come up and be reflected in the world around you.

It has already begun, but will move into more of an extreme as this year progresses. You will see it happening all around you. Do not doubt that this serves a purpose. It is about enlightenment through disillusionment (becoming aware of what does NOT work and is out of balance), letting go of the myths about the outer being the source of your fulfillment. It is NOT. So your illusions will rise, depending on what you are still holding in the subconscious.

This transformation alone will equal the end of history as you have known it, where the myth of self is sourced outside in the physical as the primary focus. Seeking love from something outside you will not work.

There will be a lot of confusion in the outer world where each country is concerned. You are already seeing this breakdown accelerate in many parts of the world, such as the challenges faced in Europe at this time. As there is more outer disillusionment, more focus will have to come back to self. You would be wise to ask sooner than later, "What is creating the problem in my own life, that is contributing to the imbalance in the world around me?" Responding to what you discover is the first place of power and healing change.

The US is going through the same disillusionment process and it will become more intense in 2012. It is a preparation, as the imbalances of system as you have known it continue to reveal for you what is not effective or conceived in valuing choices.

Keep in mind that each of these 3 four-month quadrants is an initiation into the things we have talked about. An initiation is a BEGINNING. You will not find the solutions in this first quadrant, but the solutions will begin to be revealed from inspiration that is attempting to awaken on the inside.

The dream state will become more important for the inspiration of these things. It is all happening to encourage you into an inner focus, that is then inspired to be practiced on the outside. Any conflicts that you do not deal with in your waking life will come up in your dream state as well.

This is so that you can face these energies in the physical and on the astral plane (4th dimension that is accessed during sleep). This is where the subconscious connects with the conscious mind most easily for people at this stage in your growth. There may be times when it seems that the outer feels like more of a dream than the vivid nature of your dream state.

For instance, the mythology of Adam and Eve is nothing more or less than the separation from the spiritual source and being caught up in the outer world as the source of your fulfillment. Trapped and surviving, rather than having an inner connection.

You are now beginning to break out of the Adam dream, which will expand your dream state and your intuitive knowing. You will experience that more and more as leaders and people in all areas of leadership (economic, political, religious and social structures) begin to act more fully through their awakening intuitive sense.

That will begin to bring up dis-illusionment of many old myths and the old approaches. For instance, the economic system will reveal its illusion as you move through purification of individuals in the world. You will also see more and more the struggle between opposite perspectives and approaches. This is because there are those who do not want to give up the control of the old approach to life.

However, in spite of resistance, you have already begun to see how easy some of the outer forms have been impacted. You have seen it in the Middle East and in the protest of Wall Street. People are beginning to wake up and say that some things are no longer acceptable.

This is an important step, as people must wake up in self-love and self-value... and no longer be willing to be sheep without power or voice (like wounded children who have not taken responsibility for themselves and the world around them).

The American Dream started as a celebration of individuals taking charge of themselves, to create their own dream and vision. You will face how this "dream" has become an illusion in the manifestations of imbalance that come out of a lack of self-love.

There will be an acceleration of dis-ease in the lower body at this time, as a reflection of the distortions of the mess that many systems have become and have supported, such as in the economic systems.

There will be more people coming forward to suggest deeper solutions to the problems that you face, which is also a part of the purification. However, it will only be introduced during this time. The inspiration and beginning, as your intuition begins to awaken.

May to August 2012:

This time will move you into the 2nd gateway of the heart, where you will move from attachment to connection in relationship to one another more fully.

Attachments, that are an attempt to fill the disconnection from inner self, will be prepared more fully from the purification and self-love that develop in the first four months of the year. Things will be prepared for you to take charge and move more effectively into the relationships in your lives, responding and choosing in mutual value more fully.

You will be more able to act from your own inner connection, rather than personalize what everyone else is doing. This will prepare you to show up to love one another more fully. This is a tremendous service that is needed in your world. The Golden Rule, as you break off from old attachments and move into the enlightenment of connection.

Attachment is the desire to control and get "what is missing," from no real inner connection... from someone else. It keeps you in defense, fight and struggle. Who has perceived power over another? It serves nothing, as it has come out of a lack of self-love and value.

If we instead move into a place of self-love, we will move into the potential of equal value, where we all have equal rights and needs and feelings. This will help us to break down old attachments and move into deeper, more fulfilling choices.

As you take responsibility for your right to choose and make mistakes with forgiveness for self, you will be more likely to offer that same process to others. it can be a process of true learning with redemption of the old choices.

You will take what you have learned about choices in the 1st gateway now into the valued connection of one another more fully at this time. This will create a sense of equality to love one another. This will be quite a purification, as a realization in the world takes place within the relationships of one country with another as well.

This will bring up some issues and the need to negotiate more fully.

Keep in mind, as always, this will not happen automatically. It will only be energetically encouraged and supported. You still have the gift of free choice. And you must show up and respond if you are to move into the greater potential that lies ahead.

As the 2nd gateway of the heart opens, you will move into a place where separation and defense no long seem plausible options. As this takes place, you will seek deeper solutions more naturally. The process of defending through separation and opposing one another is in place only because of the belief that another person or group or structure has no right to be of equal value within your wounded, narcissism. "I must get THEM to accept my choice as the right one." This will never work.

As you move into the heart, you will move out of survival consciousness and into the force of Divine Love, which has infinite space and potential. Connection in relationship of all things with their individual differences will become a real privilege. Everyone can be allowed to be where they are, with their authentic point of view, in honor of everyone else. That is where you are headed, as you build more self-love and the ability to value.

When you truly connect and respond, you exchange in equality. This will balance giving and receiving and your capacity to love. Within this process, all things are considered and have value. You release yourself from the conflicts that keep you in attachments, right and wrong, winning and losing through opposition.

You will see a breakdown of old relationships that are connected in duality and control. You will see this not only in the human kingdom, but in your relationship to your environment more fully as well. You might be surprised to see big corporations that have done a great deal of harm... announcing plans (even if only in the beginning stages) to move into the direction of valuing everyone in new ways.

As the Divine Plan just begins to penetrate in a conscious way, everyone is affected in one way or another. This depends on how conscious each one is. But it will affect in one way or another, according to development of different individuals at different soul levels.

There will be groups of souls that will also influence more readily those around them, with more benefit to more people, as you prepare for the true service of the soul, which is indeed rising. It will also bring about the revelation of many things that are out of balance. It will become more extreme in 2012, based upon how people are willing to relate and choose in value or not.

There will be much exposure at this time, with criminal acts that do not serve the good of the whole becoming harder to hide. The groups like Occupy Wall Street that are meeting around the world will discover that what they are doing is getting attention, but is not presenting a solution. They will soon discover that peaceful protest does not change anything. However, it does raise awareness. Both sides will then need to learn to work together, to serve everyone in the relationship.

You can see how "love one another" is being set up as an opportunity. You will see it all around the world in every system, in one way or another. It is now time to respond. You use all that you learn to make more informed choices, more refined choices, as you move through the learning curve of trial and error, a very needed process for you to embrace. It is all an opportunity to learn and grow and heal and enhance.

Is there going to be an economic crisis? Yes.

What is an economy? It is derived from keeping things in an equation of equity. That is not what your economic system has been based upon. It has been based upon have's and have-not's, which is not a healthy economy. In healthy economy, all must be willing to have a relationship where people are balanced and valued. Everyone invests and everyone is served.

This will become more exposed in the 2nd quadrant of the year.

You will experience a lot of energetic movement in the area of the heart, in the area of the 2nd gateway. It will continue throughout the entire year, from the sternum to the base of the throat. You will experience a lot of energetic issues in the area of the spleen, kidneys and liver, as well as the adrenals. The adrenals will often be compromised as energy moves, if people are holding on to attachments and separation.

If you are not holding on, the body will be able to assimilate more easily. This will sustain your extra energy or not, depending upon your choices. The immune system will shift. As you clear the body in the first quadrant and move into the 2nd, you will have more exchange and there will be more extreme responses from the immune system. If you are separating, it will have more extreme and begin to lose its power.

Physical symptoms will develop much faster. When you are in response, you will notice more power in the body. There will be rushes of energy in the body unlike anything you have known. As the vibration of the body is raised, so does your response mechanism in all parts of the body.

The activation of the messenger cells will move more rapidly. This comes form the etheric body feeding into the physical body more fully. It will activate the organs in a new way, supporting the organs more fully. Once the etheric body comes into communion in the soul and physical body, the soul's radiatory light will be funneled through the astral body and into the physical body and into its activities and functions.

The etheric body will begin to take over the physical body. You won't need to use the lungs as much to breathe. The circulatory motion will come more from the etheric as well.

Your feelings will go through extremes and dramas in this time, as you activate the 2nd chakra and continue to purify. You will also become more intuitive at this time.

Those that are at different levels will find themselves less attracted to one another. They will be more attracted to those who are at a similar resonance at this time. There will be some mental telepathy developing as the intuition deepens from the connection to the etheric, bringing the emotional body to a higher octave of potential.

You will gradually be letting go of the lower ego self as the higher will of the soul continues to penetrate and influence. The soul will start to express through the physical form in new and deeper ways. Expect a lot of activity as the year progresses in the upper part of the physical body in the throat, shoulders and neck.

This may come as expansion in the head in the final quadrant, as you move into Divine service of the planet more fully.

September to December 2012:

The 3rd gateway will begin to open more fully at this time, which will bring focus to your passion and will for life. Cosmic will of the Divine Plan will be initiated into more service for the creation of a new world. As this takes place, you will find more change in human expression, operating more for the good of the whole group.

Countries and systems will begin to shift and consider taking deeper responsibility. The ambition or intention to admit and respond will begin to awaken more fully at this time. People and groups will begin to see the value in responding and admitting where they want the good of the whole or not.

All things are connected to all things... and are impacted by all things. This will begin to become clearer in some practical ways.

Expression and Experience and Restructuring will take place more fully in this quadrant of four months. This will be a time of initiation more fully than the earlier months, as you move into a deeper experience or feeling of the "end of the world as you have known it."

It will be the end of history merely as a repetition of survival consciousness, pain and pleasure, as well as gratification from that which is outside the self.

A survival system focuses on one dimension and feeds off of that source. That is how you have treated the 3rd dimension, the physical world. As you gain more inner connection, and create relationship more fully, you will be willing to see the connection of the whole more fully.

As the soul penetrates, your physical being will move into a place that may seem like a connection of service. The kingdom of nature already operates this way. However, your freedom of choice will allow you to eventually know that you are powerful and divine. That is what you begin to connect to in the 3rd quadrant.

Connection to the inner will change your focus and sense of priorities. You will begin to connect to a state of neutrality and oneness, if you have been preparing yourselves for this time by doing inner investment and nurturing. Freedom of choice is vital. It is the way the creative force initiates reality into expression, experience, inspiration and revelation.

You have not known that freedom yet, trapped in fear and opposition and defense for the most part. But as you move into this time, you will begin to understand and practice the manifestation of free choice.

You are beginning to prepare to know what service is, inspired into it more naturally. You will find many countries that have been separate and in opposition will start to let go of this approach, as they begin to see each and every form in value. The problems in your world have not been something "happening to you"... but something you have created by engaging in survival fears and no real value and connection to self.

You have mastered opposition and separation. You are now going to learn to master unity. It is like night and day. You will start to see both in value, to see how the darkness reveals the light.

The physical symptoms at this time will involve a lot of movement in the head and throat, as well as in the solar plexus region. Lower body movement and heart activity will continue throughout the year. Thought patterns that are repeated will come into manifestation more quickly and more readily. You are moving into creating from your RESONANCE.

If you resonate with a thought that you must still try to avoid a feeling, you will find yourself being faced with it rapidly and powerfully, more quickly than ever. This will simply support you to see the impact of your choices.

However, if you resonate with the thought that you are supported in an abundant universe, you will find yourself in the manifestation of that more readily. The potential is quite beautiful, depending on your choices.

It will first happen with a loving investment in the inner Self, then in your personal relationships and then in connection to the whole in 2012. You will see things more in group consciousness in the last months of the year. That is quantum physics in operation. Science and spirituality will support one another.

These are the things that you can expect as you prepare for service in 2012.

Blessings to you all,

(Message from Archangel Gabriel via Robert Baker of Children of Light dot com)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why America is Deteriorating?

The Systematic Stealing of Our Commons

I was born outside America; I came to America as a teenager because when I looked at the world, I found America stood out among the countries of the world at that time in the 70's and early 80's of my childhood. It was clear to me that the best place in the world to support me in living my highest divine path and life purpose in this life was America. So, I made every effort for 7 years and finally found a way to make my way to America. I was 18.

What struck me most over the first few years in America was the unique historical investment in the Commons over the early part of the building of America. It was clear to me that what made America strong and a great nation, perhaps the best place in the late 1800's and early 1900's, was the building of the Commons to a greater extent than other nations on Earth.

And it was equally clear also, that there was a systematic agenda underway by certain segments of politics, government, bankers and businesses who were in the process of stealing the valuable Commons, and preventing further investment in the Commons; specially since the 1980's.

And it was also clear to me, that that meant a less-than-stellar future for America, because as a person with the mind of a physicist and systems engineer; as someone who is quite acutely aware of cause and effect in all choices and actions by individuals, nations and planets, I have the ability to observe the present, calculate the inevitable corresponding effects of each choice, action and thought, and I can usually see the expected and probable outcomes 32 steps into the future. Some call it prophesy. I simply call it physics.

It is a simple matter of physics, mathematics and logic. It is an equation. A nation that invests and promotes and builds the right Commons, will reap the benefits of collective success, well being, national wealth, growth, pride, satisfaction, strong creativity, invention, economy, a culture and climate of hope and confidence; and a self fulfilling prophesy and cycle of prosperity for all its population.

A culture such as what I have seen in the last 25 years in America, where the Commons are being looted from the public domain, under false manufactured pretense by vested interests for private personal or corporate gain, invariable decline sets in. As we see now.

When I was growing up in India in the 70's, almost every bright child wanted to come to America. Now, 25 years later, the brightest children in India, or China or Philippines, are not that interested in America. They are more drawn to other nations on Earth with a brighter future. A majority of higher education, scientific, inventive and economic/entrepreneurial success creating impact.full ventures in America have been started and led by first generation foreigners for over a 100 years. When the brightest in the world are no longer attracted to America, America is in trouble. It's future is cloudy. Our future is cloudy.

It is NOT too late. To re-invest and and build a new strong appropriate Commons for the next 50 years...

America also, and still has creativity and ingenuity far greater than other nations and cultures. Once we make a decision and set our national will to it, we have the capacity to build and create at an unprecedented level, quickly.

It is time for the 99% who care about the collective well being, our collective future, to stand up and stop the stealing of our Commons. To take back the Commons. To a new strong Commons. To invest and build this new strong Commons.

And I guarantee, and physics and Newton and Einstein will guarantee a great future again for the next 50 years for our children. And our grandchildren will have to stay smart 50 years from now, and keep re-building the appropriate Commons to keep creating prosperity for their grandchildren.

The Commons:
Wikipedia says: The Commons is resources that are owned in common or shared between or among communities [and] populations. These resources are said to be "held in common" and can include everything from natural resources and common land to software. The commons contains public property and private property, over which people have certain traditional rights.

The Commons to Invest In:

  • True world class, wholistic, appropriate Education needed for the next era. (And no, incremental band aids to the current outdated education system designed for the industrial revolution 200 years ago is NOT enough) A must see incredible video on education is here by Sir Ken Robinson
  • Physical infrastructure needed for the next era (roads, buildings, cities, clean energy, transportation, environment technology, information technology, health technology etc.)
  • Pure Science and Technology
  • Intentional cultivation of 2-3 new industries that can be grown to become the big economic engines for the next 50 years... such as 100% clean energy grid, clean transportation, environmental technology. Just like aerospace, electronics, computers and internet industries were the economic engines for the last 50 years.
  • Cultivation and Re-integration of strong family, community, spirituality, higher consciousness, ethics and morality; in non-religious secular and diverse ways. All is sourced from Spirit/Universe/Creator/Higher Power/God/Goddess. The quality of consciousness that is present in us, and within us in our spiritual life creates and IS the source of what we live and manifest in the outer/physical world. It is a cause and effect relationship. The stronger we are in Spirit, the better world we create. It is simple physics. Higher integrity we live in, the more blessings we create and recieve.

Any reason given by any group to avoid or prevent ongoing building and re-building of the Commons is irrelevant. The rightness or wrongness of the given "reasons" are irrelevant if the result is a lack of re-building of the Commons. All great leaders have shown and proven that excuses and reasons don't matter. Only the action or in-action does.

So, we can fight and argue over philosophies and "isms" and politics. Or we can initiate a new national Manhattan project, a new national WPS project or a new Apollo program to re-build our Commons and create the next 2-3 industries that will create invention, technology, 1000's of new companies, millions of new jobs and fix some planetary problems/needs, or NOT. The choice is ours America. America can lead the world again in morality, ethics, a spiritual win-win-win consciousness for the highest good of all; or pursue the good of a few with a guaranteed failure for all. A climate of adversity and lack of cooperation will always lose to a culture of aligned cooperative win-win-win for all.

It is simple physics.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Be Yourself. Love Yourself.

The ultimate, and only true beloved is yourself.
Be your own lover.
Be your own be.loved.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spiritual Wisdom on False Ego

Spiritual wisdom in the ancient Indian spiritual writings, the Bhagvad Gita are profound. The teachings often provide deep insight into the process of becoming self aware in our individual journeys towards self realization. A deep realization that we are all cells in the body of the Creator, and we are each fully divine.

In my daily studies of various spiritual wisdom lineages of the east and the west, today this particular teaching caught my eye as worth sharing.

Anyone who has accepted this temporary body as "myself" is foolish. So every one of us is born foolish because we identify with this temporary body as "myself" quite frequently. Therefore we are all foolish. Everyone knows that the body is imparmanent, and still, everyone identifies himself with this body. Bhagvad Gita teaches repeatedly that to achieve self awareness, we must tune into the truth of creation being much larger and deeper than the physical world. Creation is much more than the 3D realm we see/smell/hear with our physical senses. We must awaken the inner sight of the 3rd eye; and the inner hearing to hear the communications constant received by our body; and the inner knowingness we have because we are divine, to see and get to know the many realms that make up creation, and our selves. For each of us is much more than the physical body. We all have the auric, emotional, energy, light, etheric and soul bodies...

May it awaken an inquiry in you as well.


"When one is purified by intelligence, he keeps himself in the mode of goodness. Thus one becomes the controller of the mind and is always in trance. One is not attached to the objects of sense gratification, and one is free from attachment and hatred in his activities.

Such a detached person naturally prefers to live in a secluded place, he does not eat more than what he requires, and he controls the activities of his body and mind.

One has no false ego when one does not accept [merely] the body as himself. Nor has he a desire to make the body fat and strong by accepting so many material things.

Because he has no bodily concept of life, he is not falsely proud. He is satisfied with everything that is offered to him by the grace of the Creator; and he is never angry in the absence of sense gratification. Nor does he endeavor to acquire sense objects.

Thus when he is completely free from false ego, he becomes nonattached to all material things, and that is the stage of self-realization. That stage is called the brahma-bhūta stage. When one is free from the material conception of life, he becomes peaceful and cannot be agitated." - the Bhagvad Gita

Friday, December 9, 2011

Sanat Kumara Speaks... on Our Speech

Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos for Earth had these profound words on the connection between our speech and our thoughts...


"Your speech is a reflection of your thoughts. Your inner life is created by the way you think. If you want to know your inner life, first examine your speech. The more you study your speech, the more the contents of your mind are revealed. Study the connection between speech and mind, and you will find that speech is the means through which the mind expresses itself."

Monday, November 7, 2011

11.11.11 World Meditation & Activation in Jackson WY

11/11/11. There's a powerful galactic alignment window open from November 11-13th on Earth. This time is bringing a great activation on Earth. A major milestone in the continued journey of ascension and transformation ongoing for Earth; and all life on Earth. A great speeding up like we have not seen in thousands of years on beloved Gaia.

Major new portions of the new Crystalline Grid on Earth are being hooked up and fired up at this time with thousands of light workers and many Archangels, Ascended Masters, our planetary logos Master Sanat Kumara and the spiritual hierarchy overseeing and guiding this ascension process on Earth have been working together diligently to fire the new Crystalline Grid; and further speed up the ongoing transformation of Earth towards its journey from 3D to 4D to 5D levels.

This is what one our spirit teachers, Matthew said about the 11.11.11 time portal, “
And soon the momentum (for transformation on Earth) is going to increase. There are "time pockets" in the celestial calendar that are especially advantageous for energy surges, and one such will be in a few days, 11/11/11. The surge, which for Earth will be a forward thrust in her journey, will affect people differently. Those who are unbalanced by being immersed in the low vibrations of negativity will experience upsetting physical and emotional jolting. Lightworkers, including the millions who don't identify themselves as such, will feel a sense of upliftment as they flow in the accelerated pace of the universe.”

To celebrate and utilize this auspicious opportunity, Krmel Mystery School is hosting two World Meditation and Third Eye Activation Circles on 11/11/11 in Jackson, WY to assist in the activation of the Tetons node of the new grid.

Join Krmel's Grand Teton Activation Group hosted by Krmel Co-Founders 
Sandeep Goel and Iva Tashlick in Jackson WY.

Lets join conscious intentional activation groups gathering on 11/11/11 in this coordinated activation opportunity taking place at dozens of sacred sites around the world. Join your brothers and sisters gathering at Mt. Shasta, Seattle, Lake Titicaca, Machu Pichu, the Great Pyramid, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Fuji, Sedona Arizona, the Peruvian Amazon, and in sites throughout Australia, Africa, India and the British isles. Guided by Master Sanat Kumara, over 33000 light workers coordinated by the Children of the Sun Foundation are holding ceremonies all over the world.

We will gather at this most potent time during this auspicious window, to utilize the open and aligned galactic portal. We will intentionally awaken, open and attune our 3rd Eye/our pituitary gland, the master regulator of our endocrine system using a sound meditation given by the great spiritual master energies - the 
Hathors through one of our beloved teachers - Tom Kenyon.

Due to space limitations, we are limited to 25 attendees for each of the morning and evening circles in Jackson WY. 
You must pre-register online here prior to 11/11/11 to receive your registration confirmation. First come first served basis.

Krmel will provide a Free Gift of a Guided Meditation CD to all attendees.
Event: World Meditation and Third Eye Activation Circle
Morning CircleDate and Time: November 11, 2011 at 10 am to noon, Outdoors in Nature.
Location: Meet at 10 AM at The Herb Store (180 N. Center St. Jackson, WY 83001), and then we’ll drive to an outdoor location.

Registration: Must pre-register online here
Cost: Free. Love Donation from your heart to help cover our costs, if you wish.
Prompt Arrival: This event will begin promptly on time. Please arrive between 9:45 AM and 10 AM and be ready to drive together no later than 10 AM. We will arrive at our outdoors location in 15-20 minutes and begin the circle promptly at 10:30 AM. No entrance will be allowed into the circle after 10:30 AM; so that the circle can begin on-time to be synchronized with the right time lines. Please allow ample time for travel delays to arrive early.
Evening CircleDate and Time: November 11, 2011 at 8:30 pm to 11 pm at the Akasha Yoga Studio
Akasha Yoga Studio, 150 E. Hansen St. Jackson, WY
Registration: Must pre-register online here
Cost: Free. Love Donation from your heart to help cover our costs, if you wish.Prompt Arrival: This event will begin promptly on time on Nov 11th. Please arrive between 8:30 PM and 8:45 PM and be seated no later than 8:45 PM. Doors will be closed promptly at 8:45 PM and no entrance will be allowed after the doors close at 8:45 PM; so that the circle can begin on-time to be synchronized with the right time lines. Please allow ample time for travel delays to arrive early.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Tofu. To Eat or Not to Eat.

In thinking about whether to include tofu in my healthy diet, my research has turned up a wealth of important information about the soybean, which is the "mother" of tofu. Here's the basics, starting with a bit of history. The Chinese began cultivating soybeans thousands of years ago, not to eat themselves, or as a livestock feed, but to fix nitrogen in the soil, which is an important  horticultural need.  It wasn't until much later that Asians discovered they could ferment soybeans into different products to make it edible and for centuries they have eaten small amounts of fermented soybean foods as condiments. It wasn't until modern American times that soy has become a foodstuff eaten in large quantities unfermented.

Soybeans contain some very potent naturally occurring sustances, referred to as anti-nutrients. Anti-nutrients cause serious problems for anyone eating them. They have the highest known quantity of phytic acid in any plant tested. Phytic acid blocks the uptake of essential minerals, especially calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, which can be especially dangerous for infants and the elderly.

Soybeans also contain enzyme inhibitors that block the digestion of protein.  They also contain hemaglutanin, a clot promoting substance which causes red blood cells to clump together. These anti-nutrients have been shown to contribute to gastric distress, allergies, reduced protein digestion, chronic nutrtional deficiencies, carcinogenesis, thyroid disease, and reproductive & infertility problems.

So, for my body, I think I will stick to small amounts of organic/non GMO, traditionally fermented soybean products like miso, tempeh, soy sauce, and natto.... and avoid things like tofu, soymilk, etc.  If you would like more information about all of this, see Dr. Kaayla Daniel's book - The Whole Soy Story- The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food and the website.

Here's to your health!
Iva Tashlick
Krmel Mystery School

Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs: An Astrological Commentary

My friend Steffan Vanel, a brilliant astrologer and author of various awesome books on the lives of Princess Diana and the "Unites States of America" wrote a brilliant insight into the life of Steve Jobs.

I want to share it in full below. Enjoy!


I confess to being a long-time Apple devotee. I purchased my first Macintosh computer, a 512k, in 1987.

When I heard of the recent death of Steve Jobs I could feel a, difficult to describe, poignancy in his passing.

I was, of course, curious to see what was his Astrological make-up.

Some of the details I can see are really only relevant on a personal level, and I will refrain from sharing them. And, yes there is the fiery Mars in Aries in tension with Uranus which will tend to create, as Hilarion says: “angry outbursts and fits of rage”

What speaks to me the most, however, when I look at his chart is the amazing synergy of quite different energies that enabled him to do what he did, to be who he was.

Steve Jobs had a Pisces Sun in harmony with Neptune, hence his search for spirituality in India, and his admission of his usage of LSD, and asserting that taking LSD was one of the two or three most significant experiences in his life. He credits those psychedelic experiences as a key factor in his ability to ‘think outside of the box.’

His Sun was also in the Sixth House, the house associated with the sign Virgo, the house of work, service and attention to details. Steve Jobs also had a Virgo Rising, adding to that practical, detailed capacity of application, not normally noted with the sign Pisces. This combination of imaginative, mystical Pisces and practical, detailed application of Virgo is one significant theme of synergy noted in his chart.

Steve Jobs also had a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. Jupiter: expansive optimism, beliefs, and faith, combined with Uranian openness to the unconventional and heightened intuition. Uranus//Jupiter contacts are often found in the charts of so-called geniuses. Interestingly, a great hero of Steve Jobs was Albert Einstein, who was also a Pisces, with a Jupiter/Uranus aspect. Both men having their private mysticism, but enjoying the role of iconoclast.

Steve Jobs’ Uranus/Jupiter is in tension with the feisty Mars in Aries, as mentioned earlier, and in tension with Neptune and Venus, hence his noted ‘erraticness’ in earlier stages of his life.

The saving grace for Steve Jobs, and those who have benefitted from his efforts, is the harmonious trines from the Uranus/Jupiter to Saturn, bringing in a capacity for dedication, responsibility, focus, and discipline.

Jobs once stated:

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully”.

This is a positive Saturn speaking.

Saturn in positive aspect to Uranus, planets normally difficult to integrate (Saturn being the conventional, Uranus the unconventional), enables one to go between worlds, to bridge different realities, to be at home in the conventional, corporate world, and the unconventional bohemian alternative world.

When I listened to a commencement speech Steve Jobs gave at Stanford some years ago he told the story of how he dropped out of University after one semester. He then started to drop in on the classes he wanted to learn instead of what he was previously required to learn.

He took a class on calligraphy just because he wanted to. with no thought of ever benefitting in a practical way from it. What he experienced in that class, however, is what inspired him to create a computer that could reproduce fonts with flowing serif letters and proportional spacing.

This is Uranian freedom, Pisces/Neptunian imagination and artistic sensitivity, combined with Saturnian practicality and concrete manifestation.

It is these combination of factors which gave Steve Jobs the ability to both stay concretely engaged with the practical details, but at the same time always be aware of the bigger picture of what was going on in the outer reaches of the collective, whether it was the new developments in the music industry, the new potentials of cellular technology, or the new culture now spawning with the Ipad.

Knowing Steve Jobs was a Pisces, whom I always refer to as ‘closet mystics.’ I find it poignant to hear his comments on death. Knowing that, according to Hilarion, someone who is a Pisces is someone who went through an experience of emotional pain that was so great that they took their own life.

Additionally, I can see that Steve Jobs had a Pluto/Saturn square, with Pluto in the Twelfth House, indicating a very intense experience being carried in his unconscious memory of his most recent past life.

Knowing both of these factors make these comments from his Stanford Commencement address all the more poignant: (they were given at a time when his pancreatic cancer was in remission).

“This was the closest I've been to facing death, and I hope it's the closest I get for a few more decades. Having lived through it, I can now say this to you with a bit more certainty than when death was a useful but purely intellectual concept.

No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life's change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

On a collective level I tend to feel that the era of technological transformation of society, which we have been experiencing in recent years, which Steve Jobs helped to shepherd into existence, is going to become less robust as we move deeper into the Pluto in Capricorn years, and the Uranus/Pluto squares in the years ahead, although I am sure the culture of Apple will continue to amaze and delight us for some time to come.

I believe we will be moving more into transformation of core structures of society and how we live on this planet. It seems somehow not inappropriate that Steve Jobs should leave from this earth plane at this time. His passing may be symbolic of the ending of an era as we transition into a new, as yet uncharted one.

Steve Jobs will always be an archetypal inspiration; a tripped out, iconoclastic, LSD taking, 60’s character who really made a difference in the material, corporate, and global world. The creative potential, social connectedness, and collective world vision he was instrumental in manifesting is his legacy and will be a large part of the infrastructure that will serve the coming transition from the Old Age to the coming New Age. And for this I am sincerely grateful.

Steffan Vanel

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fluoride, Being Added to American Water is Poison

Fluoride is Poison. Plain and Simple.

And our government is adding it to municipal drinking water in over 70% of water supplies in America.

It is time to educate yourself, and all your family and friends on the health dangers caused by Fluoride.

We need a grassroots education process to go viral in our country. So that the citizens of America can stand up, and put a stop to this poisoning of our people by our governments across this country.

The claimed science behind the justification to add Fluoride to our waters is bogus.

Here's a couple of good videos below covering a number of aspects on this issue.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to get good filtration on your water so that you, and your loved ones are drinking better quality health-giving nurturing water; instead of the poisonous toxic soup that our governments are sending via our taps.


p.s. please share and spread this message to all your friends.

And here's another video where the supplier company admits to the toxic nature of Fluoride

Monday, September 26, 2011

Investing in a World of Inflation, Gold & the Declining Dollar

Dear Friends,

Many of my friends are frequently asking me about my thoughts on the financial world, stock markets, gold, investing etc. I have been sharing my thoughts and research with my close friends for years. I thought it might be useful to share this with my greater community.

I started receiving guidance from the ascended masters in the spring of 2005 that we were headed towards:
  • Declining Dollar
  • Rapid Inflation
  • Serious decline of the financial markets worldwide, and
  • Restructuring of the world monetary and financial systems from "fiat" currency to "real goods/real asset/gold" based systems between 2007 and 2013.
I had most of my liquid assets in the stock market at that time in the spring of 2005. I spent months, and eventually years, studying all the fundamentals of the economic, financial and monetary systems of the world. I came to the conclusion that all fundamentals were pointing to a need for rapid re-valuation/de-valuation of financial markets/stocks/bonds and assets. The more I educated myself, the less I found myself trusting my Wall Street advisors to manage my personal and family portfolio. I learnt back in 2005, via some friends who worked on Wall Street, that no matter what Wall Street says, it is almost NEVER working for its clients or the public. It is almost ALWAYS working for itself. i.e. maximizing its own profits and bonuses.

After months of deep and anguished discussions with everyone in my family and advisors, I decided to pull out all my assets from the financial markets in the summer of 2005. I decided to move and invest them in a manner that was 100% in alignment with my values, and beliefs. Upon research and digging deep, I found that even most of the so called "green or socially responsible investment options" offered by the mainstream investment world was in fact mostly green wash, and very little real options that I considered in alignment with my beliefs and values.

My beliefs at that time in summer 2005 were:
  • A complete and 100% lack of trust in the financial system/Wall Street advisors.
  • And a deep trust only in assets of real value.
My conclusions about our financial/monetary systems were:
  • By 2005, the fundamentals were all against long term stability of financial markets, stocks AND bonds.
  • Past rules of investing, and wisdom widely held by the experts around investing guidelines, while held true for the last 50-70 years of market stability, were NO longer applicable; and a completely un-reliable guidance system for the future coming years.
  • True inflation was many times higher than the official numbers reported by almost all western governments. e.g. U.S. routinely reports, what are laughable man-made inflation numbers, that always remain in the 2-3% range, when the real inflation was in fact more like 10-15% a year specially since 2000. How is this done, you say? By changing the basket of goods that is used to calculate the numbers. Whatever consumer items start costing more are dropped, and whatever items start costing less, get added to the bucket for calculation. Thus, inflation numbers reported from year to year are apples and oranges and have no comparative value or relevance. e.g. when energy prices started going up since 2000-2001, energy was dropped/reduced in the measurement bucket; as if people stopped using energy. So, the rules of measurement are constantly changed, unbeknownst to the un-suspecting public.
  • The stock markets had become nothing more than gambling casinos; and did NOT reflect the true value of underlying assets. e.g. the mortgages were re-packaged and re-sold in funny ways. As of 2006, for an approximate value of $10 trillion of all mortgaged real estate in the U.S., there was paper/contracts outstanding for approximately $60 trillion - due to this paper derivatives game created by Wall Street that is the real source of real estate collapse in the last few years. Essentially, in plain English, there were $60 trillion worth of contracts backed by only $10 trillion worth of real estate. If a small business kept their books this way, it would be called criminal accounting fraud.
  • While many public companies were real and running very good businesses in the real world, their stocks on the stock market DID NOT reflect the real value/market conditions AT ALL. The price of the stocks was simply too manipulated by too many computers, day traders and parties in the financial system, to actually reflect the true market conditions/value. Therefore, I felt that the stock market was, in fact no more than a gambling casino. And therefore, while I loved many companies and their offerings in the world, e.g. Apple Computer, it was too foolish to own their stocks simply because the financial system was a house of cards/casino. I believed in Apple's future. But I did not believe in the financial system where Apple's stock is traded/owned.
  • The price of real financial assets like gold/silver and commodities was going up rapidly. (e.g. Gold price has gone from about $250/oz in 2002 to $400 in 2004 to $900 in 2008 to $1700+ in 2011.)
People say that the Gold price is going up. It is not Gold that is going up. It is the dollar that is going down. And the Euro. Gold has the same value. It is the US Dollar/Euro that has decreasing value. Ditto for most commodities.

I shared my thoughts and concerns with many friends throughout 2005-2007 time frame. Feeling strongly that a crash will come between Fall 2007 and Dec 2008. Many felt the same and moved their assets out of stocks/bonds to real assets like gold and silver. And we have all done well in protecting our assets through the last 4 years by staying in the real asset world.

In spite of my own beliefs and lack of trust in the market, I was enticed by the markets in 2008 to actually put some money back in the market, only to lose a large portion of that bucket when the down turn came in the fall of 2008. Including some friends, who also lost money in that time frame, because we made the mistake of putting a little back in the market in 2008. We failed to walk 100% in alignment with our own talk. Expensive lesson learnt in late 2008.

Fortunately, as per the guidance I had received, and based on the research I had done, I had vast majority of our portfolios out of the financial system. And that was the saving grace. After the Fall of 2008, I exited the market 100% again; and remain 100% outside, in real assets of value.

Real Assets of Value

What assets have real tangible value? That's an important question. After much contemplation on all kinds of assets, here's what I believe :
  • Land and real property. Specially property that can produce food, energy or provide shelter. And rental income if one needs an income bucket.
  • Real physical Gold and Silver as monetary instruments. (As opposed to fiat/paper currency, stocks/bonds or any instrument that is paper again).
  • Resources/commodities that can produce or provide the 5 fundamental needs; things of true value (food, water, shelter, energy, transportation); specially those that are also eco-green and good for the environment. e.g. Fossil fuel companies - NO good. 100% Clean green energy related companies - YES.
  • Valuable private companies that produce goods and services that satisfy the 5 fundamental needs of humanity. (as opposed to valuable public companies whose stock/bond ownership is inherently unstable simply due to the unstable financial system; not because of a lack of their intrinsic value)
So, a friend just asked me today. Do I think that the price of gold and silver will go up or down? Here's what I told her...

As far as gold/silver price futures, obviously I have NO idea where it may go.  I am no investment oracle or financial advisor. But I will continue to invest in gold/silver/real assets all that I can. And plan to hold for the next few years.

My best take is that while we've had huge inflation in the last 10 years, it is going to be even higher in the next 2-3 years. That’s my best take. While the gold/silver prices will fluctuate, as always, overall they are probably going to go much higher since the U.S.Dollar is going to continue to weaken. Until the current financial systems and monetary systems are re-engineered and re-formed to be designed for the highest good for all; and not for just the benefit of the top 1% of humanity.

I DO believe that with the rapid rise of consciousness on Earth, humanity is waking up. And our financial/monetary systems WILL BE reengineered and redesigned in the next few years. But it may be painful for us all meanwhile, as we go through the transition. The collapse of the old rotten outdated systems and the birth of the new ones will happen. Have no doubt. This will take place. It is only a matter of time. The ascended masters have confirmed this over and over for the last 6 years. And I believe that in every cell in my being.

Meanwhile it is a good idea to be practical. Prepare a bit for any hiccups, that are most likely to come:
  • Have some cash on hand for emergency needs. Ideally enough to cover your expenses for 3 months.
  • Have some extra food, water and basics stored at your home. Just to cover 10-15 days at the least. But 1-2 months ideally.
  • Think deeply where your assets are. Are they in alignment with your deepest beliefs. If not, correct the situation. Invest where your heart and beliefs are. In places, projects and people that support the regeneration of our planet.
  • Create community with your neighbors
So, that’s my take friends. But do your own research. Make your own decisions. I am NOT a professional investment advisor or financial advisor. I am just a friend sharing his research and ideas with friends. I invite your ideas, sharings and take on the future of investing, financial markets and gold.