Saturday, September 10, 2011

Goal of Every Soul...

The Beginning of eternal life is the total light-love energy of Creator.

The Goal of every soul throughout multiple lifetimes is to return to that pure essence.

Creator (Source) is the Supreme Being of the cosmos.

God is the Supreme Being of this universe; other gods or goddesses (creator beings) oversee the other universes.

Each person is a god or goddess; inextricably and eternally connected with Creator, God and each other.

We Are All One.
And All Interconnected.

by Sandeep

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Climate Change & Global Warming

Are you really sure that climate change and global warming underway on Earth is actually bad for the planet or humanity?
Most well meaning and educated people on Earth these days think that they know what is going on with global warming and climate change on our planet. After all, it is claimed that over 90% of scientists agree that global warming is real, climate is changing; and that all this change is bad. Really really bad. And that we must prevent it at all costs. That it is disastrous for humanity and the planet's future.

And most well meaning educated people tend to usually believe in everything our "scientists' collective knowing" claims. So, global warming and climate change must be bad.

Humanity has a history, and a habit of getting big things, really wrong.

Now what I am going to say here is not the common or popular belief. And most readers will react quite viscerally and think that I must be wrong. How can 90%+ scientists and world media and the opinion of vast majority of our fellow humans be wrong?

Again the reality is that most people have little to no direct knowledge of each and every collective belief held by the majority. The number of people believing in a collective belief does NOT make a belief automatically true.  The majority believed many things in different times that were completely false. Not too long ago, most in the world believed that the Earth is Flat.

Truth is still true even if no one believes it. And a lie is still a lie, even if everyone believes it.

I encourage you to do your own research. Educate your self. Not by simply reading what the media and the "scientists" are telling you. The usual coterie of seemingly diverse sources of information and opinion are actually not diverse AT ALL. There are vast vested interests who align themselves to a popular belief train and benefit from promoting any given belief train. Scientists. Academia. Funds. Grants. Government. Media.

I have done my homework. First hand. From much wider and more reliable sources of information and opinion. I am often times a contrarian. And history has shown me, that all too often my contrarian, and very un-popular beliefs have proven to be quite right - in time.

Global warming is very real. Climate change on Earth is very real. Those are facts.

I contend that this change though is NOT BAD. It is NOT disastrous as all too many are happily assuming and claiming; and promoting. And filling humanity with fear from that sincere belief.

I will not give you any more today on why I believe that this change is not bad for Earth. Or any answers here (perhaps I will share further on this topic in the near future).

But today, I will encourage you to think for your self. Really really examine as to how is this automatically bad. Is there real factual information, sound logic and sound reasoning used by those who are so convinced that this change is ALL bad for our future? I contend that there a defendable chain of real facts to sound logic and conclusion does NOT exist.

Fear is our worst enemy. Beware. Educate yourself. Really.

Here's some provocative questions and food for thought to get you started in your contemplations on this matter:  Do we need to make changes in humanity's ways? Yes. Do we need to radically alter our impact on the environment? Yes. Is global warming and climate change completely bad? No. Can we even prevent this change? No. (Remember humanity has a tendency to not remember true large scale history over long time horizons or understand larger cycles of change that are natural and inevitable, and needed... (hint)

Factual historical track record shows that CNN or Fox News or MSNBC or even Comedy Central or New York Times or our so called "scientists" are not reliable, educated or diverse enough sources of trust worthy information.

by Sandeep