Monday, September 22, 2014

Why I Started Teaching About Creation and Manifestation Skills

For years I saw soooo many progressive friends from the left struggle in the material-money world.

It seemed that those who had the most open hearts, the best intentions and the most developed sense of social justice were also saddled with un-productive beliefs and lack of skills to manifest their goals and projects in the 3D physical world!!!

I found myself frustrated witnessing my new age, progressive, liberal friends struggle like crazy. It is very sad to see so many of their great ideas and visions fizzle in implementation, so often. 

Coming from the business world of top tier A-List manifest-ors, who routinely manifest their goals and ideas to real world success almost every time, it drives me crazy to see the constant failures of the left to implement their often good and better ideas.

It was obvious to me that many in the left lacked even the most basic skills and understanding of the creation process and manifestation skills, compared to my very successful friends and colleagues in the right/mainstream/business world.

Over and over I witnessed how most great progressive ideas could not get implemented in the real 3D world due to the "bad programming" they had received growing up; due to the presence of bad beliefs on the one hand and lack of good skills/beliefs that create success in 3D on the other.

For almost 10 years, repeatedly I was asked by many in the left if I would share the art of manifestation. For years, I avoided doing that.

But eventually I started to realize that this is one of my gifts to offer as my service in the world. I was taught, and I taught myself diligently, and practiced from an early age the secrets of creation and manifestation; and have honed my manifestation skills and beliefs and programming now for over 30 years with great success.
13 Secrets of Conscious Manifestation - the Book

So, I started writing a book to share the secrets of creation; secrets of manifestation called the "13 Secrets of Conscious Manifestation".

Slowly, those proven teachings turned into a full immersion, multi-dimensional, experiential course in manifestation we call the "13 Secrets of Conscious Manifestation".

The feedback I got as I shared these proven wisdom teachings blew my mind; and my manifestation DNA. :-) You can read some of the testimonials here.

The immediate effectiveness and the applicability of these teachings was off the charts. Now, I am trying to share these teachings with as many of my progressive friends as possible.

As great as this course was in the past, we are taking this through a whole new MASSIVE quantum upgrade this next time - as we share these teachings in Nov, 2014 at the Isis Cove Retreat Center in the beautiful blue ridge smoky mountains of NC.

If you are a light worker, a progressive or a spiritually conscious person who also struggles to manifest your dreams, projects, goals and visions in the 3D world, please come join us this November. I guarantee you that we will blow open your Manifestation DNA in this great journey together!!!


Krmel Mystery School 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Secret of the Incredible Success of "13 Secrets of Conscious Manifestation"

A friend of mine asked me recently... "How do you do this? This massive change together."

What he was asking about was the profound massive changes that attendees of our "13 Secrets of Conscious Manifestation" course experience in a short time?

I was actually not able to answer his question well at all; at that time.

Later the next morning, after my morning meditation I started to feel a flow emerging; a proper answer to his question. So, I sat down and started to write it out. Here's what I feel is the better answer to his question.

The Secret of the Incredible Success of "13 Secrets of Conscious Manifestation" 

So a bit of background on this course that we offer at the Krmel Mystery School.

The Course Topics Are:

Universal Laws of Manifestation
Universal Laws of Magnetism
Spiritual Laws of Karma
Creation Process
Proper Goal Setting
Formulae for Success
Clearing Hurdles
Mastering Money, All About Money
Patience and Perseverance
Gratitude and Pay-It-Forward
Formulae and Process for Successful Manifestation

But how does it all come together to create such massive change in such a short time?

So, how do we achieve such massive change in just two weeks, you ask?

Here’s how?

We are going to work on our goals for this course on multiple fronts at the same time, in parallel. In a MASSIVE way.

Fronts We Will Open Together

Proven Secrets:

Learning about the wisdom teachings from ancient past, from spiritual masters, secrets of accomplished people, from everyone from Mozart to Beethoven to Steve Jobs to Beatles to Bill Gates to Warren Buffet to Jesus to Krishna and Mary Magdalena to the greatest athletes. Secrets of success, new belief systems, habits and processes that create practical success in 3D and the underlying laws of creation, and dimensional constructs and karma and hard work and planning and resourcing and proven formulas that have created MASSIVE success for countless millions over millennia.

There are many very successful people in the world, by the way. And the number of super successful people has been increasing exponentially in the last 30-40 years.

And we are going to show you how those millions are doing it. These are the 13 Secrets we have synthesized over the last 30 years…

We are also going to show you the most common hurdles, bad programs, inadequate energy in your body and being and mind… and we will start to do practices together right from the first day of our course to break these down in a MASSIVE way.

Massive Upgrade of Your Body and Being:

We are going to teach you exercises that will allow you to upgrade the energy and electrical and battery systems of your body/mind/nervous systems from the current levels to a massively higher level. It’s like if your electrical system currently operates on 12 volts and 1 AMP of electrical energy, we are going to MASSIVELY upgrade it within 2 weeks from 12 volt/1amp to 120 volt/15 amp to 1440 volt/1000 amp to 440,000 volt/200,000 amps… You need to learn to operate at much higher vibrations and with much higher levels of energy… Creation takes massively more energy than most people operate at, or realize… stars learn by training to hold and run massively more energy in their beings to create… somehow! So you gotta upgrade your self!!!

We are going to teach you this… and we will practice together for over 40 hours of the crown jewels of our proven practices… so that by the time you go back home, you will be running at massively higher vibrations and energy… and know how to maintain them.

One of the Keys to success is to completely understand 1000% that the meek DO NOT inherit the Earth or Creation. The weak do NOT succeed; usually. You MUST learn to become strong to win. To create. To manifest. And if you don’t desire to become strong, then that is OK too.

But if you DO wish to master manifestation, then you MUST learn to become strong. Very Strong! 

On the inside.

Better Understanding of the Creation Process - and How to Use it More Effectively:

If you are playing a new game, and only 1% of the players know all about that game, know all the rules, strategies, proven formulas for winning, and you don’t know any of it, what do you think are the chances of you winning that game? None. Zippo. Nada. At best, 1 in a 400 million - only by miraculous chance, like a lottery.

That’s how 98% of the people operate in the world. They do not know the structure, rules, process, formulae for success and creation and manifestation. That’s why 2% of humanity is very successful. 98% are NOT.

We are going to pull the rug from under your feet in this journey together. We are going to blow your minds open. And we are going to give you a pretty good first glimpse into the secrets that only 2% usually know.

We intend to shake up your DNA!!! With New Thought, New Energy, New Programming, New Aha’s.

And the core of that is learning about the truths of creation processes, manifestations processes and laws, rules of the game.

Most people are smart naturally. i.e. once they know the rules and strategies of a game, they can help themselves towards winning the game for themselves in their own unique ways.

That’s all that is needed.

So we are going to upgrade all this knowledge and understanding for you in a MASSIVE way.

So, you can help yourselves to your particular form of success. For you ARE smart. You’ll know what to do if you know the game.

By Starting to Master Your Body:

Our bodies are the most amazing technologically advanced Star Ships; like the Star Ship Enterprise in Star Trek. But most people don’t know how to use this ship to get to their destinations. We are going to show you a few things about your Starship - your body temple.

It’s energy, technology, computer systems, electrical systems, Captain’s Deck, your Third Eye, your Pineal Gland, Your Chakras, Your Light Body, the programs that run the computers… just a few things… Coz you gotta be able to pilot your Starship properly to get to your destination…

So, you see, this is NOT a course if you are NOT ready to make MASSIVE changes.

But if you ARE ready, we will show you many ways to TOTALLY change your life into what you want it to look like.

Our days will be long for the two weeks. There’ll be adequate rest time. But we WILL have to show up and learn the secret teachings for about 40 hours, and practice the experiential anchoring excercies for another 40+ hours... So, we will ask a lot of you in this two weeks!!!

But Beatles or Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan or Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or Mozart didn’t become masters of their games by sitting on the couch. Did they?

We did not invent any of this knowledge or wisdom or teachings or practices… We simply worked very hard and smart for 30+ years, to research, learn, practice and apply, and learn it ourselves… and we are amazed how few know this stuff. That’s why we are so enthusiastic about sharing this with all those who are ready…

So, tune in. See if you ARE ready.
If you are, then show up. And we will walk across this massive ocean to the other side together!!

In Joy!!!

Krmel Mystery School

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Divine Love IS The Energy of Cohesion

This is what Elohim of Love, the third ray of the great Elohim Co-Creators had to say about Love...


"The 3rd Ray of Love has been the magnetic cohesive power which drew into being the Earth upon which your feet stand, the very physical bodies in which you presently function and every other manifestation which appears here... if Divine LOVE, which is Cohesion, were to cease to be, all in the Universe would return to the un-formed and become again part of primal life."

~adapted from The Seven Mighty Elohim Speak

Friday, January 17, 2014

Frequency and Vibration of Things

Digesting Frequency in the Real World

Since everything in Creation is Energy, and all forms of energy is defined most critically by the vibration it has (and the corresponding wavelength), then it is clear that understanding vibration of things is very important.

As a conscious manifest-or, one must develop a deep intellectual, vibratory, experiential and gut understanding of different levels of vibrations.

Here are some thoughts to assist us in getting our arms around vibrations at common levels encountered by humanity.

Vibration is usually expressed in Hertz or Hz. One hertz simply means "one cycle per second", Or one vibration cycle per second, grossly simplifying.

Commonly used multiples are kHz (kilohertz or 103 Hz), MHz (megahertz or 106 Hz), GHz (gigahertz or 109 Hz) and THz (terahertz or 1012 Hz).

E.g Something vibrating at 2kHz then means its vibrating at 2000 cycles per second. Or 1 cycle every 1/2000th of a second.

So, lets take “slow relaxed time” now to look at various vibration frequencies that are important in our world…

Frequency of our Electricity

Electricity in the world today, one of the most common forms of energy we now use, is commonly running at around 50 or 60Hz depending on your country. Or 50 or 60 cycles per second.

A lot of basic electrical things like stoves, fluorescent lights, hair dryers etc., that we all use day to day, could be considered low frequency devices running at only 50-60 cycles per second.

Earth's Rising Base Frequency and Speeding Up of Time

Earth's background base frequency, or "heartbeat," (called Schumann Resonance or SR) is rising dramatically. Although strictly speaking, SR varies geographically, for decades the overall measurement was 7.83Hz or 7.83 cycles per second.

“Modern” Physics/Scientists used to think of this as a constant and then got very puzzled and upset starting 1980’s when they started seeing this frequency increase. Imagine the military who developed global military communications assuming this to be a constant frequency. “Modern” science doesn't know why, or what to make of it except to just work with this change while they “puzzle”.

Since 1980’s, SR has risen to over 12Hz and going further up.

Many feel that time is speeding up. But most people actually think that they just feel it; that time COULD NOT speed up, of course.  They are right about faster time and wrong about it NOT being able to change. Time IS speeding up quite factually, and scientifically. This means that 16 hours now in 2014 time frame equates really to a 24 hour day of 1980. How’s that? How can time change you say?

That’s because time or one “second” is actually defined by man; or it is man made; and it is defined by scientists along with the definition of Frequency. Since time or what a “second” of time is, is really not a fixed amount, but is simply a definition agreed upon by scientists, as frequency of the underlying measurement substance on Earth changes, the time on Earth also changes in objective terms. So, the “second” of 1980 is not the same as what we measure/define as one second in 2014.

So, in fact in the last 30 some years, time has scientifically become approx. 54% faster than it was then. And still continues to become faster; or a “second” keeps becoming shorter.

Human Brain Frequency When Meditating

Now it is a very curious thing that researchers found out starting in the 1950-60’s that when a human being meditates, specially anyone with some past history of regular meditation, that during meditation the brain frequency starts to go towards the range of 7 to 8Hz; just like the Earth. Or in other terms, during meditation, naturally the human being starts to go into sync, or in resonance with the Earth. This is not by accident as Master Hilarion says. That is also why when a person spends lot of quiet time in nature, they enter quite naturally into a meditative state; and in sync with the Earth.

Understanding Higher Frequencies

As you look at the frequency chart above, the frequencies keep going up; or things vibrate faster and faster. So, lets try to get our arms around these higher frequencies. Most advanced conscious manifestation technology requires one to operate and raise one’s frequency to much higher levels than most normal people live at.

So, things like radio waves, AM, FM radio, CB radio etc. are operating at much higher levels than toasters and ovens. So take a radio station for example that transmits its energy at 101.9 MHz. That means that those radio waves are vibrating at about 101,900,000 cycles per second. Yes, that’s pretty fast.

Cell phone waves are more in the range of 10,000,000,000 cycles per second. Much faster vibrations and higher frequency than radio. That’s 10 Billion cycles per second folks.

Things like lasers, alarms, motion detectors etc. Go up to more like 100,000,000,000,000 cycles per second. We are already up to 100 Trillion Cycles per Second now. And in the cosmic scheme of things, this is really just getting started. Yes, 100 Trillion vibrations per second is just getting started.

Now we get to what we call light usually. Or visible white light, or the color of light we see with our naked eyes like Violet, Blue, Green, Golden or Red light colors. These are approx. vibrating at 10,000,000,000,000,000 cycles per second. This is 10,000 Trillion Vibrations Per Second. Faster. Much Faster. But still pretty slow folks.

How about our Sun? The star of our solar system - the source of much light and warmth for our planet and much more than the common person understands. The sun is vibrating at more like 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 vibrations/second.

Going higher, Cosmic Rays that our limited science and instruments today measure is still an order of magnitude higher than our Sun… at more like 1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 vibrations/second.

You are starting to get the picture folks. And energy goes much higher in vibration than that.

Still Higher Spiritual Frequencies

According to Masters, Light energy and cosmic energy is quite high, and moves faster than most things on our planet. But still much higher vibration and speed are human thoughts. Human thoughts are orders of magnitude higher vibration and much faster in speed than even light and cosmic energy.

And still higher according to Masters, is the energy we call Love. According to the Elohim creator beings, Love energy is orders of magnitude higher in vibration and frequency than even human thoughts. In fact, higher forms of unconditional Love energy is some of the highest frequency energy form in our Universe.

And guess what, Love energy is quite available and somewhat familiar to most human beings. That’s the reason, most higher teachings from almost all sources including religions, ascended masters, Krishna, Jesus, and most spiritual teachers of wisdom teachings, all talk about needing to master love energy. That’s why they guide the usage and mastery of Love energy in manifestation by us all.

When one is vibrating with Love energy, one is moving towards being in “sync” with the Creator/Source’s energy. One is moving in the direction of “resonance” with the Creator/Source.

We hope this simplistic sharing has helped you to get your arms, and your being around some of the basics of Frequency and Vibrations in our World!!!

Blessings and Bliss-ings,
Krmel Mystery School

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