Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Real Reasons for Increasing American Debt

And how to create a new thriving economy, and America. Again.

There is much in the news about the American deficits, debt, government spending, cuts, politics, borrowing deals these days.

As always, our media and politicians are obfuscating the truth.

Meanwhile, the American citizens are quite un-educated about the real reasons for the increasing debts of the American federal government.

My elders taught me to "follow the money" to find out the truth about anything. I have practiced that wisdom all my life to great success.

Here's the plain truth on the increasing American debt.

Recent American Debt Increase was Caused Largely by:

  1. Military Spending and Wars
  2. George W Bush tax cuts
  3. Bailouts

Corresponding Simple Solution:

  1. CUT Military Spending and Wars
  2. CUT George W Bush led tax cuts.
    • Create a simple and fair tax system.
    • A fair tax system that taxes poor and the rich, corporations and businesses.
  3. CUT Bailouts
    • Bailouts for the culprits need to go for everyone to learn lessons from bad decisions. No pain, no growth for culprits.
    • Bailouts are NOT the same as economic stimulation investment projects that create national infrastructure and jobs

Disclosure: I am not political. I am an American. I am not a supporter of the actions of either major party in the last 25 years - the Democrats and the Republicans. We are ALL responsible for the current state of affairs of our country and the world. It is up to each of us, and ALL of US, to visualize and articulate and enthuse our brothers and sisters to create the positive world we all want to see and live in.

Vested interests complicate simple matters to manipulate truth and facts. How do I know? I ran a multi-national corporation with people/offices on 3 continents for 16 years as a CEO.

This American debt problem is a simple problem of spending more than we have. We need to learn to live within our means. Reduce spending and create more economy (jobs, prosperity and taxes). And create a plan to reduce debt over time with a goal to become debt free within a reasonable amount of time. I did it. I sat down. Cut all my credit cards. Paid everything off within 18 months. And vowed to remain debt free. And I have. That was 15 years ago.

And we have to create another Apollo project or Manhattan project type of national initiative that is big enough to create a whole new industry that will serve as the economic engine for America for the next 30 years. A project big enough, and worthy enough for the hearts and minds of most Americans to work together whole heartedly towards a national goal. That will create more jobs, companies, progress and prosperity for the whole country. Again. We have done it many times before. America knows how to do it. We just need a will. Again.

What? - say you.

Here's some ideas for projects that will help Americans, and our planet Earth to boot :

  1. National project to move all electricity needs of America to clean green renewable energy sources within 10 years.
  2. National project to move all gasoline/diesel vehicle fuel needs of America to clean green renewable energy sources within 10 years.

Now I can hear the critics arguing. With all kinds of arguments that this cannot be done.

I know we can do it. And it will create a booming new economy, jobs, tax revenues, surpluses, joy, confidence and a healthier America. And the world. I know I can write a project plan that will accomplish either or both of these goals within 10 years for a company. And I am by far not the smartest or most knowledgeable person. But even I AM smart enough with enough experience as a CEO and as a large scale systems design engineer to do this. America sure as heck can. So, don't tell me America can't do it.

We sent man to the moon (although some argue that we did not). We invented the Atom Bomb. We built public infrastructure with the WPA project in the 1930's that was the envy of the world. We can do anything if we set our national or global will to it. Including good large scale projects that will make Americans strong again.


by Sandeep

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Interesting Star Alignments for August

Neptune is retrograding back into Aquarius from August 4th, 2011 till February 2nd, 2012.
Star Alignments for August

Mercury is retrograding, in opposition to Neptune, from August 2nd till August 26th.

And, Night Five of the Mayan Calendar opens on August 18.

So, what does this mean for August?

With this configuration of the stars, it is best to create a retreat time for your self. To write, read, contemplate, meditate, study, do art and focus on inner guidance - connecting with your higher self/soul.

This is NOT a good time for business matters, new contracts, negotiations, new project plans etc., this month. Spend time tuning into your visions and dreams. Leave the process of planning, decisions and hard manifestation till after August 30th.

If you try to push your manifestation agendas, you will most likely experience anxiety, delays, brick walls, trust issues; and more delays. And if you push your agenda through anyways, forcefully, you will find that resulting agreements, contracts and negotiations will not work well long term, requiring re-work or back tracking.

Night Five is when we see the greatest destruction of old systems that are outdated; and need to go. So that the new systems based in higher integrity can be born.

This is a time to let go of illusions and beliefs in un-reality. At a personal level. And America as a nation. (Outdated financial/monetary system, spending/living within the means that we can afford, military/empire building, governance for the benefit of the few...)

It is a time to focus on opening your heart; and family. These star conditions indicate that we can have a big degree of access to spiritual/mystical breakthroughs in August. And we have the cosmic support in trusting our spiritual guidance during August. This is a time where deep structural changes are going on in our world; now and for the next few years. And we are tempering our minds in the foundry of this heat of change.  The energies of collective group consciousness are encouraging faith, trust and surrender, transmitted electronically, such as through the Internet at this time till next year.

A key theme here is - spiritualization of matter, mind and structures. Opening of the hearts. Balancing of the mind/intellect, heart/love and gut/intuition/soul alignment.

If possible, be calm and receptive so that you can receive the spiritual energy/re-alignment codes coming to Earth during this time in August. Be present, in your center; and nurture the strength of courage in your hearts through unconditional love.

These are interesting times. Stay awake. Stay slow. Stay flexible. Beam Love and Light to yourself and everyone in your life; and our world.


by Sandeep