Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Phantom Wealth vs. Real Wealth

Phantom Wealth
Phantom wealth is anything that has exchange value, but no intrinsic value. Money that exists only as a number on a computer hard drive is the prime example. It manifests
in financial assets that appear or disappear as if by magic as a result of accounting entries, debt pyramids, and the inflation of asset bubbles unrelated to the creation of any thing of real value or utility. The high-tech-stock and housing bubbles created phantom wealth in massive amounts.

Wall Street is highly proficient at creating phantom wealth. Indeed, it takes pride in its ability to inflate financial assets without bearing the burden of producing anything of real value.

Real Wealth
Real wealth has intrinsic value, as contrasted to mere exchange value. Life, not money, is the measure of real-wealth value. Examples include land, labor, knowledge, and physical
infrastructure. The most valuable forms of real wealth are beyond price and are unavailable for market purchase. These include healthy, happy children, loving families, caring communities, and a beautiful, healthy, natural environment.

-excerpt from "How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule", a new report from Yes magazine.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Body's Message on the Divine Plan Manifesting Through Us

Our Physical Body literally represents universal learning while we are in incarnate form. It is a universe that shows us how well we are creating; and how well we are working with the Divine Plan/Soul Plan that is moving through us. That is manifesting through us. 

Master Hilarion and Sanat Kumara, our planetary logos, both teach that every single aspect of our physical body is coded symbology - giving us a message and insight on where we have come from, what is going on, the status of our journey as an incarnate human being, from the soul perspective.

At birth, our Soul downloads a part of itself and "lays in" a blueprint of the highest divine plan for our life, for this incarnation. So, how do we listen to what our body is saying?

Our HEAD Represents the DIVINE PLAN We Are Building. Or the Divine Plan Being Built THROUGH Us.

Our NECK Represents the CONNECTION Which Brings the Divine Plan Being Created Thru Us Into Manifestation.

Our TRUNK Represents MANIFESTATION of the Divine Plan Being Created Through Us.

Our LEGS & ARMS Represents the MOVEMENT OF THE MANIFESTED PLAN - the Divine Plan Manifesting Thru Us.

Polarity Balance - The left side of our body represents RECEPTIVE ENERGY/FEMALE ASPECT. The right side DYNAMIC/MALE ASPECT. Each side shows how we are doing in these two aspects.

Our FEET represent our UNDERSTANDING of the Divine Plan moving thru us; Our FOUNDATION in accepting fullness of the Plan.

Our JOINTS represent FLEXIBLE movement; Our FLEXIBILITY in the MOVEMENT of Our Evolution.

Our SENSES represent divine acceptance of WHO WE ARE from a particular point of view for each sense - eyes, ears, touch etc.

Our ELECTRICAL FLOW represents the flow of our Soul and its electrical energy. The more electrical properties we allow in our physical body, the more our Soul is present in us to guide our lives and to create our Soul's purpose on Earth.

Our SKIN represents a number of things. Bloody/sore/erupted skin shows that a deep area is surfacing, releasing, becoming visible. Skin is our point of sensitivity that holds everything together. It is a symbol of cohesive and integrative structure in a divine sense.

Our BLOOD represents the FLOW SYSTEM at a physical level; the evolutionary process of our Soul; and its acceptance in an ever clearer manner.

Our BONES represent the STRUCTURE we use on the physical level as we manifest the Divine Plan moving through us.

The SPINE represents support areas and structural misalignments or inflexibility, heart area issues, beliefs.

Our ENDOCRINE SYSTEM represents our deepest most helpful symbolism for understanding the physical structure. More details on key aspects of our Endocrine system coming in a new BLOG soon...