Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Sequestration Red Herring

This whole sequestration thing is a red herring farce. The entire dialog is a farce and promoting and asking and debating the wrong questions. It is a manufactured emergency to perpetrate more wrong on the citizens and the country.

You ask how?

Why is there this whole debate on federal govt. debt? Why does the govt. owe 16 Trillion dollars or more? To whom?

All money today is printed out of thin air. By adding more zeros on a computer. It's value comes from the collective "production" of the country or society. While the citizens of USA "work all year" and produce economic activity of about $14 Trillion per year, for all "over simplified" purposes, the USA can and should print new money worth that much, or some smaller amount than that each year. It should be the US Govt. that should print all the needed money, without borrowing money from anyone. Or paying interest to anyone else.

So, who has the USA borrowed all this money from? And Why?

That's the real question!!!

Well of course the banks. Yes, the Banks print money out of thin air at zero cost, and lend this money to the USA at interest. And that's how the US Govt. owes $16 Trillion to someone. With interest. And that who is the Banks.

It should be the US Govt. printing the money on behalf of the US citizens. At zero cost. And put that money into circulation on behalf of the country. Backed by the hard work of real workers every year. By some counts about $14 Trillion every year's worth of new activity. Or a lesser amount each year that is justifiably backed by new "production" or creations by us all.

The US Govt. should NOT be borrowing, paying interest or owing any money to any bank. US or foreign.

This is the crux of the problem. So, our joker politicians are debating all the wrong questions. Creating red herrings out of nonsensical lies using the dumb corporate media noise making whores. And trying to create more economic troubles for main street when the citizens are already suffering.

The whole dialog is a sham. Using the usual tactics of Earth control - Create a perception of a problem. And instigate whatever you want on the un-suspecting uneducated public to solve the manufactured problem and increase control further and further. While the controllers enrich themselves even further. That's what is going on. For hundreds of years.!!!