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Archangel Gabriel's Overview on May to August 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

Archangel Gabriel has provided this insight below for the next few months, via our friends at Children of Light.

This provides and overview in terms of the nature of spiritual energies on the planet and how we will all be affected in this next quadrant of 2013 - from May till August.

I share this in the hope that it may assist you, and guide you in your journey into this next quadrant in some small way.

Blessings & Bliss-ings,


Message by Archangel Gabriel for 2nd Quadrant of 2013

And now, Gabriel Speaks...

"Dearly beloved Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel, and as always, it is a joy to be in your divine presence.

This is a most important time of soul awakening. And you are now moving into the second four months of 2013 - which is a time of BREAKTHROUGH.

The month of May has to do with the development of AWARENESS.

There is a lot of activity going on in the divine 7th chakra, which relates to the consciousness of the Godmind. This activates the soul cycles, which begins to activate the penetration of the soul's consciousness into the physical body.

The activation of the 7th chakra brings the downloading of information into the DNA of the cells, activating the codons... starting with the temples and frontal lobes of the brain.

The interpretation of the information begins to take place in the crystalline structure above the temples... so this will be a lot of activation in the glandular system of the body.

This begins to reveal for the first time just the bare beginnings of information of the first four archetypes of the Godmind - Revelation, Inspiration, Expression and Experience.

The consciousness of God which is undifferentiated... will begin to connect into individual consciousness.

Then in June, you will begin to activate the 6th chakra, which contains the information and interpretation of your individual place in the Divine Plan. This will involve BEGINNING TO MAKE NEW CHOICES based on the AWARENESS that you develop in May.

This will begin the revelation of your place of service, related to your highest truth of being, expressed through your talents, abilities and qualities of being.

July will then be about the 5th chakra and putting your new choices into ACTION. This is the center of commitments and expression, following the truth of your being.

Then in August you will deepen COMMITMENT to the action of your choices, based on the awareness that begins to take place.

May - Awareness
June - Making New Choices
July - Putting Choices into Action
August - Deepening Commitments to those Choices

This is the overview of the breakthrough segment of the year 2013.


The month of May will find a lot of confusion on your planet. This will come from the higher energies coming into the conditioned brain, based on your habitual thought forms and emotional attachments.

Anything connected to the survival paradigm of the lower ego will be coming up. This will create some deeper identity crisis. The Soul is your true self, but the ego survival self is always relying on a description or decision about self.

This comes from conditioning and the emotional attachments that have come out of those early experiences.

As you come into dis-illusionment more and more, you will also have breakthroughs and inspirations, that inspire your AWARENESS in this month... based on an inner truth that you have not known before.

You will begin to negotiate and trust that, as it comes through as developing intuition and knowing. This will move you beyond the old mental and emotional patterns that kept you busy and impeded from communication with your Soul.

Physical symptoms that may take place include pressure in the head, headaches, tension in the neck and shoulders... as well as the upper body. Pressure or ringing in the ears may take place from the downloading energy.

This is preparing to connect you to the "music of the spheres," which is how information is transmitted and connects into the physical... operating through subtle vibrations and frequencies connected to certain sounds. Some will be too high in vibration to hear consciously.

but as you raise your own vibration, you may contact it through an aberration of pressure in the ears, with piercing sounds.

This is not going to create a physical problem, unless there is tremendous blockage in the head. This month of May could create an increase in brain issues if there is tremendous blockage.

If you are doing your inner work, releasing blockages, it is unlikely that you will have to worry about these extreme impacts.

The world at large will experience a lot of confusion and indecision, as things come into awareness from various systems around the world in various countries. The Shadow self is coming to the surface in a big way, in differing ways, depending on the issues of countries and groups.

Expect impending conflict in the East, with needs for some new decisions that are being avoided so far. There may be pressure put on the US to make some clear decisions.

Individuals will start to experience more things at one time, as well as how they are connected to each other. This is the beginning of unity consciousness and how all things serve other things. This begins multi-dimensional awareness and the impact of resonant causation, rather than cause and effect.

As this takes place, you must move into more neutrality to see clearly the inter-connectedness of more things. The Soul operates through resonance...

When you operate through the connection of "we consciousness," you start to become more aware of the resonance of things and the synchronicity of things more fully.


This month is considering NEW CHOICES, based upon how you have developed awareness in May, based on your inner truth. This awareness will come and go, depending on your clarity and healing.

The interconnected nature of things will inspire new choices, choices that are measured by the highest good of everything around you more fully. WE consciousness. Consideration of others.

This will bring about tremendous feelings of communion and unity, connected at new levels that you have only had suspicions about before.

At this time, you will activate the 6th chakra more fully, as well as the pineal and pituitary glands... which will also activate the thymus and subconscious mind of the Soul.

You will find yourself moving into more and more ability to be present in the NOW, each moment. For the most part, this has only been a concept, not an experience.

As long as the conscious mind is busy with re-description of thought forms and emotional attachments and gratifications, you are trapped in the conditioning of your past. This has not allowed you to see the deeper truths that are present in the here and now of stillness.

You will know that you are more in this state when your feelings are not in charge of you, but you have the ability to choose how you feel in each moment.

As you are able to embrace the presence of your own being, freed from the thought forms and emotional conditioning, you will be present in a multi-dimensional awareness for the first time... the reality that everything is connected.

That is the presence of the subconscious mind, the mind of the Soul. The conscious mind has been the least conscious mind, which has been habitually distracted, protective and in the agenda of the lower will and ego.

In making new choices this month, you will start to act from the revelation and inspiration of the moment... in the reality of what is taking place. This will bring about a knowing in the 3rd eye (6th chakra) that will resonate with deeper truths.

There will continue to be confusion for many, who have never experienced these new depths... nor how to direct or trust them. The ego self always wants to re-describe something from the old paradigm. Figuring out will not work. Show up with the wonder of a child, the innocence of a child who simply shows up, discovers and responds.

Allow yourself to trust more and more. And negotiate the identity crisis that feels threatened from the newness.

Coming into your personal power and your place in the Divine Plan and how it relates to yourself specifically will create confusion for many, as well as self-doubt.

You will work your way through this and move more into trust.

The child has felt safest with what is repetitious and has resistance to change, where it does not know what to control. And you are going through a change in how you perceive what reality actually is and what it involves.

You are moving into the presence and power of who you are as a divine being, and this is scary for most people... who feel more familiar with fighting and controlling and opposing what they want to avoid. To be present is much more frightening to the wounded lower self.

You are discovering that you are multi-dimensional... and most of you is beyond the 3rd dimension. During this month there will be a great deal of indecision, unsure of how to make decisions. The world at large will be putting things off quite often, unsure how to make decisions.

Making choices that serve the good of the whole is not something the world has been very good at... with everybody out for themselves, each group out for their own approach, opposing anything that is different.

June will also involve a lot of activity again in the head, but moving down into the throat more fully. The survival chakras will be stirred up as the higher energies influence the movement of their energies towards a new approach.

The familiar survival choices may be afraid, as the higher influence wants to include the good of others in the choices. This will create hesitation for many.


This is a month that involves beginning to take specific actions, as you have had some time to negotiate and evaluate from the prior months.

This will be a time of many breakthroughs, being able to predict choices more fully as your intuition and clarity begins to be trusted. Your choice making will become more finely tuned and specific.

Some will continue in the same hesitancy, if they are not as clear from having done inner work that allows the same way of evaluating, considering the "we" consciousness.

This will be a time of greater depths of communication, sharing and communion with others. This will lead to more trust with your fellow humans. Inspiring one another, as you start to draw to you the synchronicities of your own soul levels.

Soul groups will come together more fully, operating through this new inspiration. You will become inspired by one another's ideas. There will be greater consideration for one another, for those who have become more conscious through doing the inner work.

This will allow you to take greater advantage of this time than for those who have not been doing the inner work... even if they are influenced by the same energies.

No one can avoid being influenced by the Divine Plan, the planetary hierarchy and the Ascended Mastery. They are working on shifting the ley line connections that allow the revelation of the "we" consciousness.

Different areas of the world will be penetrated with this influence, based on the needs of the various groups and soul levels.

The hierarchy will be making more contact in the dream state, particularly in June and July. You may have strange or odd dreams with specific symbols. When this happens, begin to write down these symbols.

This is how the hierarchy is putting information into your consciousness in key ways. This is how the subconscious is impacted, through the archetype of symbols.

In July you will move more into actions that are guided by what you need for your soul level development.


August will be a time of the follow through of commitments, learning how to sustain a deeper commitment to the new kinds of choices and actions you have begun to take.

This will be about how to access awareness and make specific choices, based on your place in the Divine Plan.

Your actions become more specific as your choices become more specifically informed. This will also bring up your subconscious commitments, revealing that which has stood in the way.

It will be a time of tremendous clearing of the old that no longer serves you. You will see commitment in new ways, as it is done from the perspective of the heartfelt truth of your being.

You will begin to deepen resonant causation, moving out of cause and effect within these commitments. You will no longer need to avoid and oppose from the fears of the lower self, IF you have done the inner work to resolve your wounded feelings.

As you learn what the love force is and embrace neutrality in the heart space, with a truth that knows itself and is unquestionable, you will get more and more effective at integrating the emerging soul energies.

You are just beginning to tap resonant causation and the law of synchronicity, which is nothing more than an affirmation that everything is truly connected. When you are not opposing from the lower self, you can flow with true synchronicity in new ways.

In this month there might possibly be some deeper conflict and a declaration of war in areas of the Middle East or with Korea, unless you shift your commitments. That is entirely up to the collective consciousness.

The more you move into your individual neutrality, the more you empower the world to embrace one another in love and value of one another's paths.

This year is about the full inception of the 7th Ray of Consciousness, the Ceremonial Order of Magic that governs the Divine, you will be in a complete restructuring of the old forms... the ways you have perceived, chosen and acted upon your reality is all changing.

And in this last month, you will move more fully into the heart chakra, taking the creative aspects of the 5th chakras from July into the core of your being and experience of interaction in the heart.

There will be a lot of activity in the heart, chest and solar plexus. More of your control dramas may come up, as well as more impact on the heart. If people are blocked, you may find more heart problems occurring.

There may be pains in the center of the back of the heart chakra, as well as pressure and energetic movements. This is the center of where you have focused for 3rd dimensional awareness... and as you move into multi-dimensional reality, this assemblage point will shift.

This may create light headed qualities as well as feeling less grounded. The physical world may at times seem more like a dream.

The etheric body will experience lots of movement, as it helps to prepare the physical body for soul connection. This may feel at times as if your body is being taken over by the etheric body. For instance, you may feel compelled to take a deep breath out of nowhere... but then feel filled by the energy of the etheric body.

As the etheric body becomes more activated over time, it will begin to perform the functions of the organs of your physical body.

And this is an overview of what you can expect in these 2nd four months of 2013.

We thank you for letting us share with you and as we take your most joyous leave, we ask that are you are able that you remember to love one another.


(Message from Archangel Gabriel via Robert Baker of Children of Light dot com)

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